June Art Exhibit: A Tribute to Debra Franchi Lynch

Thursday, June 2All DayArt GalleryWeston Public Library87 School Street, Weston, MA, 02493

June 2-28, 2022

Art Reception: Saturday, June 4th 12:00-4:00

This exhibit is a tribute to my mother, Debra Franchi Lynch. A woman who valued family, love and nature. Native to Weston, Debra, one of six children, born to an Italian immigrant family in the 1950’s. With her beauty and will, Debra always stood out, fearless, going against the grain of tradition to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist.

Within her career she moved through an array of styles and periods as she developed and matured as an artist and woman. Her artistic exploration speaks to the historical movements of modern and contemporary art of the 1970’s and 80’s. Beginning with impressionistic studies of the human figure and local landscapes, she captures the essence of her subjects using light and mood. Her later work transforms to use the emotive language of large color blocks and abstraction to depict landscapes and nature.

Not feeling constrained by the canvas, Debra extended her mediums to sculpture and paper making, though oil and water color painting were her predominant mediums throughout her career.

Debra received her degree in Fine Arts from Boston University and has exhibited her work at a number of respected institutions including the Hopper House in Nyack, NY and the Turning Point Gallery in Piermont, NY.

As her daughter, I have organized this exhibit to honor my mother’s life, talent and work as an artist. September 2021 marked 25 years of her death. Losing my mother to cancer at a young age, forced me to cultivate a relationship with her through the lens of her artwork that always colored the walls of our home. I, now an artist myself, am forever grateful for the gift of art and creativity that she has brought into my life.

A future exhibit will be a conversation of my own artwork in relationship to hers and will be displayed at a later date in the surrounding Boston area. For more information and to remain in touch about this upcoming exhibit, please visit www.Madelinelynch-artist.com or follow on Instagram: @MadScientist4love.

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